The CapituLab

(Jones Lab)

Floral Development & Stem Cell Biology

In our lab, we study how plants develop and how novel plant forms arise.

Plant development begins in meristems, specialized tissues that contain stem cells. When stem cells divide, they produce cells that differentiate to make up the plant's organs (leaves, stems, roots, and flowers) as well as cells that maintain stem cell identity. This cycle is repeated when these daughter stem cells divide. This form of "stem cell maintenance" is found across all plants and is required to regulate growth throughout a plant’s life.

The sunflower family (Asteraceae) is the largest plant family with ~32,000 species. Its success has been attributed to the evolution of the capitulum, a compact inflorescence that appears and functions as a solitary flower but is comprised of many individual florets. The primary focus of our lab is on understanding how key changes in developmental programs (specifically those regulating stem cell maintenance) have contributed to the evolution of the Asteraceae capitulum.

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